Space clearing – perfect for homes, offices, factories, hotels, restaurants etc

Clearing negative energies from our home environment can have an invigorating and healing effect on us and on our animals. By enhancing the flow of good, clean energy we can attract good health, prosperity and harmony into our lives, thus creating a sacred space for us and our human and animal family.

Everything in  the Universe is made up of energy and every person or animal that has lived in, visited or passed through your house leaves their energy imprint there. Over time this builds up to negative, stale and stagnant energy, which can affect all the members of the household.

As animals are sensitive and intuitive creatures they are the ones most often affected by negative energy and lower vibrational beings (also known as spirit attachments).

It’s necessary to space clear after the presence of strangers, workmen like builders, plumbers etc, constant illness or misfortune, death of a human or animal family member or after a home relocation.

I travel to the client’s premises to physically clear the space of all negativity and if necessary remove  any spiritual entities. Once cleared, I seal in the good energy with the  sacred Reiki symbols and the sound of  a Tibetan singing bowl.

For more information on the Space Clearing workshop and how you can learn how to do it, go here.

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