October 2, 2011

Snake speak

Cape Cobra http://capesnakerescue.co.za

I was in the veggie garden sending Reiki to the newly germinated plants when I heard Tess and Murphy barking hysterically. I noted that it was not their usual bark and psychically I heard “snake.” I dashed over to the furrow and saw the dogs had cornered a huge Cape Cobra.

I was worried about the dogs getting bitten (see earlier post about Maxi’s snakebite)
The reptile had its head raised with the hood up, ready to strike. I called the dogs off and asked them to keep their distance and told them to stop barking as the racket was upsetting the snake. Thankfully they did.

I focused on the snake and beamed Reiki to it for a few minutes, then I took my focus to my heart chakra and I sent love and light to it, by visualising a beautiful pink light flowing from my heart to it. The results were instantaneous, I visibly saw the snake relax before my eyes. I continued to hold my hands up in the beaming position, with my palms facing outwards towards it and felt my hands getting hotter and hotter.

I noticed its beautiful eyes and I sensed a feeling of complete surprise. I told the snake telepathically that he was safe and that he would not be harmed. I continued to send Reiki while the snake just stared back at me, seemingly relaxed, as its hood was down. I got this feeling of being connected to something ancient and wise. I cannot adequately find words to describe this feeling, but I felt a deep sense of humility wash over me and I felt honoured by its presence. The cobra’s eyes were locked with mine, they seemed so intent, as if he was looking deep into my soul.

I quickly phone my husband Owen at the office, (which thankfully is nearby) for help. When he arrived he got the “slang-stock” which we’ve used for many years to catch snakes so that we can release them safely away from our home.

Alertness snapped back into the Cobra when Owen placed the noose over its head, but it was not having any of this and it managed to slip out and disappear under the rocks along the bank of the furrow. I decided that I would connect with it again later and ask it to leave our garden and go to the vacant property next door.

To be on the safe side, I kept the dogs indoors for the rest of the afternoon and when I connected with the snake again I found that it had already left.

I pondered over the whole thing, and felt that it was almost as if he’d just popped in for a visit, perhaps with a message for me, so I consulted Ted Andrew’s book AnimalWise. Ted says that: “when a cobra appears we can expect an awakening and heightening of our own intuitive vision that will enable us to make swift decisions and take quick actions that will benefit us tremendously. Now is not a time for hesitation. We should keep our senses alert because the likelihood of unexpected opportunities is about to take place. Opportunities to strike in business are very near and we should be ready. And from the cobra we can learn to read the inner soul of any person.”

I felt so deeply honoured to have had a soul to soul communication with this amazing being.