Reiki treatments for humans

Reiki is an ancient form of natural healing, beneficial to both humans and animals. It is just a gently laying on of hands onto the clients body by the practitioner and the energy flows to where it is required in the body. The client lies fully clothed on the therapy bed and soon lapses into a deep state of relaxation during the hour long session.

Blockages in the energy field are cleared, thus enabling the body to heal itself. The energy flows to all levels of the body and heals on the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual levels. In this manner the whole body is treated and the energy flows to the cause of the problem. As most dis-eases are caused by our mental and emotional state, Reiki can heal mental and emotional issues before they manifest into physical health problems.

Reiki healing is:
Completely safe and has no side effects
Relaxes the body and helps to heal stress
Assists the body in healing pain, depression, insomnia, injures, emotional and mental problems and speeds up the healing of broken bones
Helps to calm hyperactive children and fretful babies
Works together with all forms of medication and medical treatment and offers a greater chance of healing.

Everybody can benefit from this form of healing, men, women, children and babies.

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Reiki treatments for animals

Animals, like humans also have an energy system through which life force energy flows. Dis-ease is a result of an imbalance/disturbance of the energy flow, which manifests in the body as emotional, mental and physical problems and in some cases the cause of behavioural problems.

When dealing with sick animals its important remember that they have their own agendas and some may not wish to receive healing energy, so its important to get the animal’s permission first.  By using distant healing methods I connect to the animal and get this and other pertinent information before they arrive.

I prefer to work with the animals in the garden, as its easier for them to take a little walk during the hour long session if they wish, or just to drink some water.

Reiki can assist with:
Behavioural and emotional problems
Fear and pain are eased with regular treatments
Helping ageing animals to cope with pain and digestive problems
Regular treatments can prevent physical ailments from manifesting in the body as blockages are cleared in the energy field.

All animals, no matter what their age or health problem can benefit from  regular Reiki treatments, to keep them happy and healthy.

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Distant Healing for humans and animals

I usually do distant healing for humans and animals in sessions of 15 minutes, but the client can specify their own preference regarding duration and frequency. It is most beneficial if the human or animal receives a total of 4 consecutive sessions initially and more for serious conditions. Weekly or monthly maintenance treatments are important for chronic cases to ensure a continuous flow of energy,thus offering the client a means of coping with their illness.

What is Distant Healing and how does it work?
During the 2nd degree Reiki attunement a students receives knowledge of the sacred Reiki symbols which are used during distant healing sessions. The symbols are transcendental in nature and are responsible for transporting the universal healing energy over time and distance.

The healing benefits are the same as a hands on healing session.

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