March 5, 2014

The velvet box

We’re so blessed to have an Earth Angel, in the form of Louré van Schalkwyk, the animal undertaker from Paw Print Pet Cremation Services, who assisted us with Inca’s cremation.

He placed a beautiful message on their website in memory of Inca. I was also invited to write my own farewell message for their Remembrance Wall and it gave me a great sense of peace in doing so.

Louré told me the time of the cremation so I was able to go into my Reiki room and light some candles and beam Reiki to Inca in spirit, while her mortal remains were being transformed and transmuted into Earthly dust. I connected with her in the Spirit World and I clearly saw her beautiful face surrounded by a golden halo of God’s Heavenly Light. I saw another picture of her bathed in golden Light, with huge sunflowers behind her. To the right of her, I saw the most magnificent sight – an entire field of sun flowers, filled with the same brilliant golden Light.

I’ve always loved sun flowers, but now they have an extra special meaning for me. Each time I see them now, I will think of my beautiful Kitzi, and know that she’s sending me love from the Summerlands, where she’s chasing butterflies, happy and carefree.  

Several days later, I received Inca’s ashes in a stunning cerise velvet box, embossed with the gold Paw Print logo. The box was enclosed in delicate white tissue paper decorated with gold paw prints. Also included in the presentation bag was a little Ceremony Book, containing information celebrating Inca’s life and a blank page for her photo, a colourful Teardrop Healing Mandala Meditation and words of wisdom on grief. 

Another surprise awaited me when I opened the velvet box. There was the little bag containing the ashes and on top of that was a beautiful rose quarts bracelet, with these words at the back of the bag “This bracelet was made with love, it will protect all your precious memories and heal your broken heart.”  

I wear the bracelet every day and I feel the beautiful uplifting energy of the stones, reminding me of the deep bond of love we share with our animal companions which continues to exist beyond time and space.

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