March 19, 2011

Diesel the Boxer Pup’s Spondolosis

At the tender age of 18 months, Diesel, my daughter’s playful Boxer pup, started displaying signs of pain and distress when he sat or tried to lie down. Tests and x-rays revealed mild hip dysplasia, the primary source of pain being spondolosis, a degenerative disease of the spine. His life expectancy was reduced to three years as the disease was encroaching rapidly and was untreatable. He was prescribed painkillers and Bronwyn made him as comfortable as possible and waited for his spine to fuse as the vet had predicted. His quality of life became severely compromised as he responded to the painkillers.

I treated him with some hands on Reiki sessions and there was a huge improvement.
His appetite improved and he stopped crying out when trying to sit or lie down. He even started playing again. I used the ‘Reiki Laser’ (a technique given to me by my Reiki guides in which I visualise the energy as a laser beam and focus it on the
dis-eased area) to break up the dense negativity surrounding his spine. I extended my psychic fingers and performed psychic surgery* on the whole area, removing the **energy blocks. I visualised a brilliant blue light flowing down his spine and saw the pain being flushed out the end of his short stumpy tail. As I mentally drew the Reiki symbols I asked for help from my Divine Helpers: God, Reiki Guides and Angels. I asked for the healing energy to flow to the cause of the problem and heal it. I felt intense pain in my hands and psychically saw scenes of a puppy having his tail docked. I asked for healing for his highest good and that the memory of this pain be released from all the cells in his body and especially from the area of his spine. 

Some months later x-rays revealed that the spondolosis had slowed down dramatically. The vet was amazed with the results, as the dog's spine was expected to have fused and it had not even progressed to the halfway mark. Diesel is almost 12 years old now and thanks to the healing power of Reiki and some nutritional supplements, he still leads a full life, running, jumping and swimming like a true Boxer.

* psychic surgery is a technique taught in my Reiki Master’s Degree course
** the removal of energy blocks is taught in my 2nd degree Reiki course.