October 3, 2013

Being an empath

Yesterday en route to the shopping mall for the weekly shopping spree, I was angered by two things I saw.  I’m not sure which one upset me more, as I felt the one was as bad as the other.

The first was a heavily laden truck transporting chickens. I felt so sorry for these poor birds, they were packed into the tiny compartments worse than sardines in a tin. The luckier fowl were the ones that obviously had been loaded first, and were privileged to have a view of the outside world, instead having their faces pressed into the backside of the bird in front of them.

Some of them had their necks extended through the wires, perhaps visualising the small hole would suddenly enlarge offering them a means of escape. Others in similar pose presented a more forlorn picture with their eyes closed and their necks limply moving as the truck trundled along. These I felt were the fortunate ones, as they’d chosen to exit this Earth in this manner, rather than in the gory chicken slaughter house. Some others seemed to be mesmerised, aware of their impending doom.

It’s not always easy being an animal empath, as we tend to pick up the feelings and emotions of those around us. I felt awful for these poor chicken.  I picked up their pain, their misery, my heart was pounding in my chest, and my mouth was dry. I felt dizzy and a knot of nausea welled up in my solar plexus.  

I was close to tears as we managed to overtake their vehicle, and I mentally sent Reiki to them, asking for love and Light to be sent to them, for whatever they needed for their highest good at this time and for whatever fate awaited them.  

I wonder if the people eating their flesh ever give a thought to their pain and suffering.

The second incident I encountered in the shopping centre, as we walked past the pet shop on our way to the parking area. There were two snakes, they could have been pythons, I’m not really sure, who were enclosed in the usual glass box. The one was lying with its eyes closed, while the other lifted its head and gazed at us through the glass. 

I had no intention of communicating with this snake, and I thought of Harry Potter when he spoke to the snake in “parseltongue” and helped it to escape, in one JK Rowling’s novels.

Immediately I heard a sort of woshing sound in my ears, and I felt indeed that the snake was communicating with me. I picked up a sense of tiredness, a feeling of being trapped, and then the most awful feeling of claustrophobia settled over me. I got the sense that if the snake could smash the glass tank and escape it would have. I experienced the most tremendous pressure in my head, it felt as if my head had expanded and was pressing on the sides of the glass. All this poor creature wanted was to be free.

As I walked away I asked myself, what on Earth gives humans the right to capture these and other noble creatures, and so cruelly keep them confined to such small enclosures, when it should be roaming free in its natural habitat. 

No wonder the World is in the state it’s in. It’s all about money, greed and the exploitation of innocent animals.  Animals are sentient beings, who have souls, feelings and emotions, and should be allowed to live and enjoy life freely as God intended they should.