Hi Carol, THANK YOU so very MUCH for the treatment that you gave to Bakkies on Friday and for the distant healing so far. She already seems so much better in her stomach, kidneys and liver. Thank you. You are the best.
Frans, Corne and Bakkies (from Pretoria).

They drew fluid out her spine today and sent it for testing. I think we just have to keep sending her positive Energy. I really appreciate your help.
Thanks Carol, Peaches is looking much better today. Thank you very much. 

Thank you for the healing you sent to me and my cats, we are all much better.
Sandy passed away peacefully. The extra time we had together allowed closure. I just wanted to affirm that your assistance made for a better ending and how valuable that is. Carol S

Thanks Carol for doing healing on Thyla while I was away – I’m back at home and she looks happy. 

Thank you Carol for sending Reiki to Tammy (called Bunny) and the other cats. Tammy stopped coughing the first night of the treatment.  They are all much better now. Catherine M. Greenside

Dear Carol, I don’t know how to thank you enough for initiating me into Reiki and I believe the way you accept and practice Reiki depends on your Master. So THANK  YOU, THANK YOU,  for this precious gift and I will always try to make you proud the way I practice Reiki. May your work and everything you do, be blessed and may you never want for anything. You are truly special and a gift from the Universe.
Crystal hugs and blessings.
Rina N

Dear Carol, I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for assisting with the location of my dog. This morning my mum got a call from a lady who bought a husky from the pet shop in Lenasia last week. She saw the poster in the newspaper and called my mum, asking her to check if it was Roxi, our missing dog. Thank you so much, I am overjoyed to get my dog back….but I can’t really express the emotions.

Dearest Carol, Just a quick note to thank you for all you have done for me. Everything that you have taught me has positively changed my life and through me, the lives of my family.
You have the rare ability to teach from the heart and it shows in all that you do. You believe strongly in all that you teach and do not must pay ‘lip service.’ I feel privileged to be one of your students because I know that I am being taught with integrity. Good luck and know that the Universe always supports you. Much love, laughter and blessings. M.Slabbert

Hi Carol, than you for being a really wonderful person Carol….if I’ve never told you before, I think you’re one of the most special people I’ve ever met and I’m honoured to know you and learn from you. Much love and blessings...

Hi Carol, I must admit that the only reason I studied Reiki in the first place was because I so desperately wanted to use my Reiki techniques on and for animals. I am very passionate about animals and it was Karen Lange that actually introduced me to you, stating that you were the only Reiki healer in South Africa that was truly devoted and competent enough to successfully use Reiki on animals and that I should contact you to do my Masters. Well time never behaved itself to actually allow me to do that, but now I am so excited to be able to attend your Animal workshop this weekend and finally get a chance to meet you. 
L. Armstrong

Dear Carol, I am so  thankful and delighted that I had the opportunity to study the ancient and sacred art of Reiki with you as my teacher.  You are a brilliant teacher and I can feel your help and guidance as I work with Reiki. And thank you for all the support and guidance I have received from you. I am loving the new me, it has encouraged me into a better individual and thanks to Reiki for everything. Love and laughter.   
Thank you so very much for teaching me so much. Reiki has made a huge difference in my life and I am sure I will continue to grow spiritually, mentally & emotionally because of it. Thank you once again. 
Lisa F

Hallo my mentor Carol. The first week after the Reiki attunement I felt like I was walking on clouds. I  was so positive about life and myself during this period. Thank you for introducing Reiki to me, it enriched my life tremendously, beyond words. 
Greetings from your student Tinus