March 5, 2014

Farewell, dearest Inca

Pastel portrait of Inca by Colleen Mulrooney of PetPawtraits

“Farewell dearest Inca, may your soul fly on wings of love to the Light. 
We love and miss you Kitzi and we thank you for being a part of our lives all these years. 
Thank you for your healing paws and all the healing you gave us. You taught me so much. 
I especially valued your lessons in telepathic communication, where, amongst other, you taught me that animals do have a concept of time as we know it.”

INCA – 28 April 2001 – 5 February 2014

On the night of Inca’s passing, I felt I had to contact her in the Spirit World, just to make sure she was ok. I drew the Reiki symbols and soon my hands heated up, as I connected with her. She said she was ok, and I got a sense of her being completely at peace and safe in the Light.

But I didn’t see her as her feline self, instead I got an impression of a priestess, and I was even more amazed to discover that she and I were both priestesses in a past life in Egypt. I learnt that we were from the same soul group, so she really was my soul-mate. I knew that she’d lived a past life with our family in this present life time, as Mazzy-Starr – my daughter's cat, before coming back to us in the form of Inca. I knew that in one of my previous lives I was a witch and a healer, and I now saw that Inca was my companion in her feline form in that life time.

I’d asked my parents and our dogs in spirit, Mac-Tavish, Nikki and Maxi to meet Inca at the Rainbow Bridge, and they did. I saw them all clearly greeting her, and I was surprised to find my brother, who is also in sprit, standing in the front of all of them.

When Inca left, I felt that she’d taken a chunk of my soul with her, and I miss her so much, as she was my constant companion, especially at night, when she slept on or bed. But I know that the souls of our animal companions – and ours – are inexorably linked for all eternity. I know that they will continue to reincarnate with us, to share our lives and assist us on our spiritual path, sharing their soulful knowledge and wisdom with us, through many, many lives.

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  1. Remembering my Inca......she passed into Spirit two years ago, yesterday.