January 21, 2013

Bees get a buzz from Reiki too

Did you know that Reiki can help you to get uninvited garden pests and insects to vacate your home and garden?  Over the years I’ve used Reiki to get the destructive moles to leave our garden, relocate bats and ants and some other creepy crawlies.

A while ago the gardening gods blessed us with a plethora of peppadews (the brand name of the small sweet piquanté red peppers) and I decided to try my hand at pickling a batch.

I followed the recipe and soon had all the ingredients simmering in my huge stewing pot.  The pleasant aroma of the pickling spice filled the kitchen and wafted through into the rest of the house.  A bee flew through the kitchen window and made a bee line for the pot, it buzzed and hovered above and seemed quite mesmerised. Then it was joined by several more bees, all acting as if they were getting a “high” from the cooking peppers.

I wasn’t really worried by the bees as living on plot in the country we’re accustomed to their frequent visits, they don’t harm us and we don’t harm them. But I must admit that I was actually quite horrified when it felt as if the whole house was vibrating with their buzzing and I found so many more of them clinging to the dining room windows.

There were now hundreds buzzing over the pot and walking up the kitchen windows and curtains.  I was unable to stir the mixture as they were sitting on the handle of my wooden spoon, and several had committed suicide by jumping into the hot bubbling peppers.

“Ok, this is it, I’ve had enough!” I said to them, I’m going to send Reiki, I want you all to leave NOW, when I come back in here I want you all gone.”  I stood in the middle of the kitchen and drew the Reiki symbols on both the palms of my hands, and in the air above me. I then stood with my hands in the beaming position, and beamed Reiki to them. I asked the Reiki Guides and Angels to ask the bees to please leave my kitchen now. I also told the bees telepathically that I liked them and honoured them and the wonderful work they did, and the honey they produced.  I told them that I send them love and Light, and I would be very grateful if they would please leave my house now and go back to where they came from. I showed them with my mind, that I wanted them to fly back out the windows now and go back to their work in the garden.  I then went into the dining room and repeated the process.  

After about ten minutes I went back into the kitchen and thankfully the majority of them, apart from a few stragglers, had all buzzed off.

I sent Reiki in thanks and also expressed my gratitude to the Reiki Guides and Angels for their help. I don’t know what I would have done to get the bees to go, if I did not have Reiki and the power of telepathic communication to assist me.

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