January 26, 2013

My cat is a healer too

A portrait of my cat Inca, drawn by my daughter Colleen, animal artist at PetPawtraits

Many years ago I was intrigued to read in one of Dianne Stein’s books on Animal Reiki, that cats consider themselves to be Reiki Masters. With their disdainful air of superiority they actually feel they “own” the energy and would like to keep it for themselves.

I believe that all animals are healers, but it’s a well known fact that cats have the innate ability of sussing out the only non-animal/cat lover in a room full of people. They will make a bee line for them and rub their bodies against their legs, or heaven forbid, even jump up onto their lap. To me this is an indication that the person is in need of serious healing, probably for some imbalance in their life.

One of my elderly clients, who has her own cat family, told me that her husband had not been feeling well from the time he got up that morning. He started getting a pain in his chest, so he went and sat down in a comfortable armchair. Immediately their cat Snowy jumped onto his lap, and rested his head against her husband’s chest. He stayed like that for an hour or so and then jumped down. Harry was amazed when he realised that the pain had gone and he actually felt much better. He is absolutely certain that Snowy was responsible for healing him that day, as he has never sat on his lap before nor has he ever done so again.

Another story I read in a book on animal healing is about the cat lover who developed a passionate love affair with a bottle of red wine after a break up of a relationship or marriage, not sure now exactly which it was now. After a while she managed to pull herself together and decided to go back to her former life of healing and helping people. She had to go for a check up to her doctor, who was aware of her addictive red wine habit, so he advised a liver check. They were both amazed and relieved that the test indicated that her liver was in a healthy state.

But sadly a short time later her cat became ill, and the vet diagnosed an incurable liver dis-ease. Needless to say she was devastated when he passed away. But she felt absolutely crushed when she realised that her cat always slept on her bed at night, curled into a ball against her stomach. She knew without a doubt that her cat had taken on the liver problem, her liver problem, and died instead of her.

My cat Inca has displayed her healing abilities to us on several occasions. One night we arrived home from supper and I started feeling rather uncomfortable in my tummy area. Being a vegetarian, I was forced to eat the limited vegetarian food on the menu, but which I’m not accustomed to eating. One of the items was bean soup, and I’m sure you know what beans can do to your stomach. I took some Tissue Salts and went to bed with my tummy making the weirdest noises. I put my hands on my stomach and started doing Reiki when Inca jumped up on the bed and settled herself on top of my hands. I didn't give it much thought at first, but then I noticed her eyes took on this look of wisdom, a sort of knowing look and I realized that she was doing her special brand of feline Reiki on me.  

Since then she’s helped my husband to heal the stress he was suffering from while working in a pressurised job by sleeping stretched out along his body at every opportunity she got. She’s also helped us to heal when we’ve had flu or a bad cold, and one night she came to sit on my tummy before my stomach even began to ache.
To me this was proof once again that animals are psychic. 

So I consider my cat Inca to be a very wise and ancient being, a healer of note. I also pick up that she was a healer in a past life, when she lived in human form... but animal reincarnation is the subject of a blog post for another time.

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